Race Results for June 3, 2017



















































































































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Place Driver Kart #
1st Macey Adamik 8M
2nd Aarone Zundel 55
3rd Alexis Brocious 4
4th Connor Ray 62
5th Ava Adamik 11A




Place Driver Kart #
1st Owen Houpt 20
2nd Ethan Thompson 22
3rd Ben Eastman 88
4th Zack Stephanovic Z8
5th Tanner Zulisky 58
6th Aidan Pollock 12
7th Tyler Fulton 4T
8th Brady Eastman 8
9th Cody Kenrick 62
10th Tyler Johnston 39
11th Ethan Myers 19




PLace Driver Kart #
1st Nico Painter 96
2nd Jake Gracan 12
3rd Owen Houpt 20
4th Taddy Emmons 56
5th Desmond Louder 777




Place Driver Kart #
1st Ian Campbell 11
2nd Nick Pozzini 20
3rd Jake Gracan 12
4th Richard Bellman 17
5th Jeremiah Sullivian 88




Place Drvier Kart #
1st Ian Campbell 11
2nd Randy Eagler 19E
3rd Gavin Chatham 24




Place Driver Kart #
1st Nathan Miner 83
2nd Nolon Miner 7




Place Driver Kart #
1st Michael Simmers 10




Place Driver Quad #
1st Jordan Miller 911
2nd Brandon Isenberg 5
3rd Dyllan Miller 15
4th Ryan Berkey 210




Place Driver Kart #
1st Billy Gaston 27
2nd Justin Simmers 868


2017 Banquet


April 15th, 2018

3:00 PM






It is our goal at Blairsville Speedway LLC to provide and promote a family atmosphere where all racers, family, and spectators can benefit from the racing experience in a safe and positive way. We strive to do this by encouraging good sportsmanship from all, by applying the rules of the track in a consistent and fair manner, and by encouraging more seasoned racers and parents to recognize the importance of their role as mentor and role model to the younger racers.


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